Voisin on Soil Mineral Balance


10 Quotes from Andre Voisin on the importance of Soil Mineral Balance

In a recent post, I looked at the link between soil microbial health and gut microbial health and it inspired to go back and review a book published in 1959.  In Soil, Grass, and Cancer: Health of Animals and Men is Linked to the Mineral Balance of the Soil, André Voisin described the importance of elements of the soil and their effects on plants, and ultimately, animal and human life. He saw the hidden danger in the gross oversimplification of fertilization practices that use harsh chemicals and ignore the delicate balance of trace minerals and nutrients in the soil. Voisin issues a call to stand up and acknowledge our responsibilities for public health and protective medicine to remove the causes of ill health, disease and, in particular, cancer.

Here are 10 quotes from Andre Voisin to move from grass to the protective medicine of tomorrow:

  1. As yields double or treble, we remove 2-3 times more elements from the soil and replace only a limited number.
  2. It is not merely a question of healing the animal or man stricken by disease, it is necessary to heal the soil so as to have to heal the animal or man. We concentrate our efforts on the results and neglect the causes.
  3. The mineral element does not exercise the same influence when it is applied to the soil as it does when added to the ration. The trace element of the soil is organized by the plant.  Mineral elements of soil transformed by plant into organic compound which have a dietic value very different for the same element under its mineral form.
  4. The dusts of the soil control the metabolism of the cells.
  5. Disease created chiefly by destroying the harmony reigning among the elements of the soil
  6. Agronomic methods throw out of gear the mechanisms of the human cell.
  7. Agriculture constantly being forced to increase its output, producing more food, more cheaply without any thought for its biological value.
  8. Tasks of “protective” medicine is how to return nutritive value to food to halt diseases of civilization.
  9. Protection against cancer much more important that cancer therapy.
  10. Soil science is the foundation of protective medicine.

If you are interested at all in the potential for mineralized soil to be the basis for health, I highly recommend this book.  If you are interested in finding out more, email me at andrewharley@ascensionsoil.com.

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