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Can biochar be used in effectively managing soil acidity?

What Causes Soil Acidity?

A recent article (Dai et al., 2017) reviewed how biochars can be used to decrease soil acidity. Approximately 50% of global arable land has a pH value < 5.5 and is considered acid. Soil acidification occurs by:

  • Acid deposition;
  • Removal of farm products; and
  • Application of ammonium-based fertilizers.

Soil acidity increases toxic metal availability, especially aluminum and manganese, and reduce nutrient availability including phosphorus, base cations (potassium, calcium, magnesium), and molybdenum.

Biochars Effect on Reducing Soil Acidity

Biochars have been shown to consistently elevate soil pH Continue reading Can biochar be used in effectively managing soil acidity?

Biochar and Antibiotics in Soil

Can Biochar Help Manage the Fate of Veterinary Antibiotics in Livestock Farming?

Biochar and Antibiotics
Fate of veterinary antibiotics used in livestock industry

In a recent review article by Tasho and Cho (2016) on the fate of veterinary antibiotics in livestock farming, it was noted that these chemicals are relatively persistence in the environment.  Limiting the movement of these biosolids in the environment can be a challenge because of the varying physiological interactions.  Electron irradiation and supervised inoculation of beneficial microorganisms have been proposed as effective remediation strategies.

Biochar and Antibiotics

Mitchell et al. (2015) reviewed biochar as a strategy to sequester antibiotic residues in the environment.  Twenty-seven different biochars found that matrial prepared at higher pyrolysis temperatures (>500˚C) absorbed the antibiotics with greater efficiency compared with lower preparation temperatures. Continue reading Biochar and Antibiotics in Soil

A Review of Biochar for Sustainable Soil Health

A Review of Biochar for Sustainable Soil Health

A recent article published in Pedosphere in October (Lone et al. 2015) gives a great summary review of the relationship between biochar and soil sustainability.  The article can be downloaded here.   The following is a summary of points made in the article. Continue reading A Review of Biochar for Sustainable Soil Health