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Remineralization – what Mars and a Volcano can tell us about improving our food

Soil remineralization has been in the popular science news recently.  Remineralization uses natural minerals to improve soil health and produce nutritious food.

Remineralization Lessons from The Martian

Martian Remineralization
In the film ‘The Martian’ (shown) Matt Damon’s character grows potatoes in a controlled environment – researchers in Denmark suggest that this is feasible.

In a nod to The Martian, researchers from the Netherlands have successfully grown food in soil analogous to Martian soil.  With organic matter, crops grow well on Mars and moon soil simulant, and there is no evidence of increased metal uptake from these soils.

Remineralization Lessons from a Volcano

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Improving food production through nutrient minerals nanotechnology

Biosynthesized Nutrient Minerals

Improving food production is a great challenge of the 21st century – not just in terms of yield, but in terms of nutritional quality, with nutrient minerals research gaining momentum.  Research published by (Raliya et al., 2016) looked at improving rock phosphate application by adding biosynthesized ZnO nanoparticles.  Zinc acts as a co-factor in phosphorus-solubilizing enzymes.  Additional benefits included increased stem height, root volume, leaf proteins and chlorophyll contents.  ZnO nanoparticles were also distributed in all plant parts including the seeds in low concentrations, with implications for nutrition.  Additional success has been also been acheived through foliar applications of nanoparticle nutrient minerals (Wang et al., 2013). Continue reading Improving food production through nutrient minerals nanotechnology

Soil and Gut Microbial Relationship

Why we need to understand soil microbial health and gut microbial health

A scanning electron micrograph of branching hyphave that embrace and penetrate a mineral particle. Fungi seem to enter the particle at upper right and center right. Scale bar = 10 micrometers. Fig. 1b from Landweert et al. 2001.

I came across a book review for The Hidden Half of Nature: The Microbial Roots of Life and Health in The Guardian this weekend.  I have started reading the book and will summarize my thoughts in another blog when I am finished.  However a couple of points I agreed with in The Guardian article – The scientists whose garden unlocked the secret to good health: Continue reading Soil and Gut Microbial Relationship