Mineral Nutrition for Health

Mineral nutrition is key to healthy plant growth.  Plants only need 3 nutrients to grow – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – although other minerals are required for certain plant functions such as photosynthesis and seed formation.

Animals need 60 minerals for optimal functioning, based on the extensive research of veterinarian and naturopathic doctor Dr. Joel Wallach.  Plants can’t manufacture minerals – if it’s not in the soil, it’s not in the plant.Soil as the Foundation of Nutrition

Due to the nature of geological and soil formation, minerals aren’t evenly spread across our agricultural soils and our agricultural practices are focused more on plant quantity not quality.

In conventional agricultural systems, soil is often considered a lifeless medium with the sole purpose of holding our plants upright. It is up to the plant, and the plant alone, to extract all the elements it needs to grow and stay healthy. So, when the soil is lacking in a particular nutrient, it is applied in the recommended dosages. When the plants don’t respond, or only respond marginally, more nutrient is added until the desired result is obtained. Find out more about the role of mineral balance in soils and the role of minerals in health.

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