Land Reclamation


Since 2010, Ascension Soil Company has been enhancing mine reclamation. Our knowledge and soil amendments help reclaim and improve marginal or drastically disturbed soils by increasing soil water holding capacity, enhancing soil fertility and reducing metal mobility.  Soil organic matter decline is seen as a key component in marginal and drastically disturbed soils, impacting ecosystem functions, including air and water quality, wildlife habitat condition, and agricultural productivity.  A landscape-scale approach to managing soil carbon can improve ecological functions of soil and landscapes for the benefit of society through achieving reclamation goals in a timely and cost effective manner.

Ascension Soil Company is developing these ground breaking reclamation techniques that can be used where traditional reclamation techniques do not work.  When used in conjunction with other environmental management tools including forest management, woody weed management, water quality goals, base water flow management, erosion control, carbon management and carbon offsets, reclamation activities can be managed as a net offset program to the environmental, sustainable and financial goals.

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Our Approach

Our team of experts works with resource companies to determine quantitative and qualitative outcomes for each project. Outcomes can include specific plant coverage and density requirements, species diversity, wind and water erosion control, sediment management, steep slope erosion control, metals stabilization and remediation. Project outcomes may also require regulatory mandates, native habitat protection with detailed aesthetic aspirations including or development of effective store and release covers. Based on the project size and budget, our professional team of experts will help develop comprehensive immediate, mid-term and long-term project objectives to achieve optimal outcomes for your project.

Every project site is unique. It is critical to understand the key variables and challenges about your project. Ascension Soil Company conduct comprehensive site analyses to evaluate site conditions including climate records such as precipitation, evaporation, wind, temperature and cold/heat extremes, changes in elevation, growing season length, steepness of slopes and, above all, soil fertility conditions of the site that can potentially affect project success.

Our Solutions

Ascension Soil Company analyzes the soil and interpret soil data to identify the challenge of every project site to treat the underlying causes of poor vegetation establishment and not just the symptoms. By understanding the soil, we re-establish a functioning soil community that is the critical precursor and most vital step in achieving sustainable vegetation. Unlike typical industry reclamation treatments, our custom blended solutions work in even the toughest conditions including contaminated soils or soils with elevated saline/sodic conditions.

Ascension Soil Company knows that the project doesn’t end when the project team has left and the machinery is on its way to the next project. Results matter and we go the extra mile to ensure we monitor your project’s success over time. Our team of experts will visit your site quarterly, annually and thereafter (up to six years after initial application) to monitor the outcomes of the project and to ensure your project continues to deliver the sustained performance of every successful Ascension Soil Company project.

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