Soil: The Foundation of Mineral Nutrition and Optimal Health

Soil The Foundation of Mineral Nutrition

Soil as the Foundation of Mineral Nutrition
Link between soils, food and human health

The FAO recently published a great infographic in the link between soil health-plant health-human health, the basis of mineral nutrition.  Animal scientists and veterinarians have known this for years and I have been studying the importance of soil mineral nutrition for almost 2 decades.

In 2004, I was fortunate to spend time with Dr Joel Wallach, a veterinarian and naturopathic doctor when he was lecturing in Australia.  This meeting brought to life the intricate link between soil health-plant health-human health.  I was able to interview him at that time and I was reminded of this interview after reviewing the FAO infographic. If you are interested in this interview, you can sign up for the audios by filling out the form below.

One of the differences between the FAO graphic and Dr. Wallach’s research is that there are actually 60 nutrient minerals required for optimal health.  The form of  minerals are also important.  The body can not digest ground minerals.  We are designed to absorb minerals in plant form – plant organize minerals in a form that can be readily absorbed and transported directly to the cells for use.  For more information on the nutrients required for  optimal health and a free health assessment to identify whether nutrient minerals can support your health sign up here.

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